5 Kid Friendly Fish

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A little while ago I wrote and article about Setting Up A Kids Fish Tank. In collaboration with AquaristGuide.com, I’m excited to have a follow-up article of 5 Kid-Friendly Fish.   5 Kid-Friendly Fish for Your Child’s Fish Tank   When getting pet fish for your children you ought to be very selective. This is […]

Do cleaners count when stocking an aquarium?

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Otto Catfish

To anyone who’s had an aquarium for some time, this question may seem ridiculous; but to someone who’s just starting out, it’s a pretty common question. The thought is that if catfish and plecos clean the tank, should they count towards the number of fish I can have in my tank? The short answer is […]

Mandarin Fish Pellet Training (New Method)

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I went into detail in a past article how to to train a mandarin to eat pellets or frozen food. This time I tried a different method and was able to get a mandarin to eat pellets in around 1 month. Here are the steps I took to get my newest mandarin, Sheila, to eat […]

Breeding and Raising Cory Catfish

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Under the right conditions, Cory Cats are actually very easy to breed, and a lot of the time people will have them breed in their community tank without them doing much. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking of breeding cory cats or if you have a surprise batch of cory cat eggs. […]

Is Saltwater More Difficult Than Freshwater?

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Before I had any experience with saltwater aquariums, I always thought they were much more difficult than freshwater. I know that others feel the same way, because anytime I mention I have a saltwater aquarium to people, their first comment is always, “Are they a lot harder than freshwater?”. This may surprise a lot of […]

Lessons Learned From My First Reef Tank

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Nice Shot of Reef

For most of the time that I had my first reef tank, it wasn’t very pretty. I’ve come along way since then, and I want to share with you some key lessons I’ve learned along the way. I could have avoided many of the mistakes I made when first starting out, if I had known […]

Growing a Phytoplankton Culture

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Phytoplankton Culture

Back in March of 2014, I decided I wanted to try my hands at a phytoplankton culture. There are many reasons saltwater hobbyists may want to start a phytoplankton culture, but first what is phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are essentially microscopic marine plants. Phytoplankton is a highly nutritional food that some corals and many small organisms like […]

Top Beginner Corals

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Purple Mushroom Coral

There is no denying that when it comes to the aquarium hobby, few things rival the beauty of a reef tank. Some people will have saltwater aquariums for years, but never take the leap into keeping corals. While there are many corals that are very sensitive and difficult to take care of, there are also […]

Picking a Good Clean Up Crew

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Red Scarlet Hermit Crab

So what is a clean up crew? A clean up crew is a group of tank inhabitants that eat excess food, detritus, and algae. Clean up crews are mostly used in saltwater reef tanks. Now that you know what one is, you are probably wondering what makes a good clean up crew? A good clean […]

Acclimating New Fish

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Acclimating Fish

No one wants to buy a fish only to find it dead the next morning. Many times when someone has a fish die very shortly after bringing it home it’s due to improper acclimation of the new fish. If you improperly acclimate a fish it can shock their system and stress them to the point […]