5 Kid Friendly Fish

A little while ago I wrote and article about Setting Up A Kids Fish Tank. In collaboration with, I’m excited to have a follow-up article of 5 Kid-Friendly Fish.


5 Kid-Friendly Fish for Your Child’s Fish Tank


When getting pet fish for your children you ought to be very selective. This is due to the fact that some breeds demand lots of maintenance than others. Fish forms excellent pets and looking for pet fish for children you need to be very consciences when selecting.

You should always remember that even though your children will be knowledgeable on how to take care of the pet fish, not all fish varieties are suitable for kids. Therefore, getting to know about the basic features of pet fish is the first step of being in a position to provide your kid with a suitable pet fish.

Aquariums to consider


It is highly recommended that you should buy your own fish tank so that you can quickly place your pet fish. You should also put into consideration the capacity of the tank because of the size of the fish.  You ought to measure the fish because there must be a gallon of water for each and every fish inch when they grow.


Know what pH your fish needs

Different kinds of pet fish require different levels of pH for survival. A lot of pet fish require a pH level that ranges between 6.4- 7.8. Pet fish such as angelfish require a higher pH level.

There are chemicals that can raise pH levels and there are biological kits to test the water. When getting a pet fish for your kids, select a pet fish that would not surpass in the tank and demands low maintenance. Eventually, you will teach your kids on how to care for the pet fish.

The best five kid-friendly fish for aquarium

Cory cats

Image Credit: Robert Howie

This kind of pet fish is also known as Corydoras or Cory Catfish. They are freshwater fish and they belong to the same family as armored catfish. They are very peaceful. Have the ability to clean the aquarium because they are the bottom feeders.

Cory cats are produced by farmers, and there are other varieties that can be found in the wild such as C. melanistius and C. punctatus. Also, they are easy to keep.

There are certain characteristics that make this pet fish the best option for your kids. These features are as follows:

  • Ability to adapt to a variety of water conditions.
  • Have excellent cleaning abilities.
  • Are small in size.
  • Are always active during the daytime.
  • They are easy to breed.



Image Credit: KauaiGuy808

These are the type of pet fish that are very colorful and co-exist well with other types of pet fish. Mollies are original fish from South and Central America. They flourish well in cool waters. They need fresh water tanks that are slightly warmer in temperature.

They like to hang around and take refuge near plants.  Mollies require a little salty taste in the water, therefore you purchase aquarium salt, but you must, first of all, consult an expert on the way forward.

Platy Fish

Image Credit: Allie Caulfield

These pet fish are very peaceful and are of various colors such as red, black, and blue. They also have a gold color; this is the main reason why people confuse them with goldfish. Platy fish are very active. They are also known as moonfish. We would recommend you to purchase these pet fish for your kids because they are easy to breed.

Angel Fish

Image Source: Yu-Chan Chen

They originate from South America, they are very attractive and lovely to see swimming around. They are very peaceful, but males tend to be a little aggressive when they want to mate. Although they are very docile, they get partners whom they only get babies with and have long termed relationships.

They mostly enjoy living in warmer waters. They also require a bigger and deeper tank due to their large body structure. They consume fish flakes, frozen fish food, or live fish food.

Black Skirt Tetra 

Image Source: Jackie Finn-Irwin

They are also a very peaceful pet fish that has its origins from South America. It got its name from the black translucent color. They are suitable for any community aquarium. These pet fish are silver in color with black stripes and long flowing black fins.

They like hiding in rocks, plants, and on driftwood. For good breeding, they require slightly acidic water. They feed on brine shrimp or daphnia, froze-dried bloodworms and tubifex. They also feed on micro pellet food, and a high-quality flake food.

There are many varieties of pet fish to choose from. It is important to have detailed knowledge about the unique features of each and every type of pet fish you would like to buy for your kids. It is also important to acquire the knowledge of taking care of the pet fish.


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