Basic Fish Care


How to Set Up a Fish Tank

This page describes what is involved in setting up a basic fish tank. It has step by step instructions as well as an instructional video. This page also has product recommendations for people unsure of what to use. This will be most useful for people just starting out and getting ready to set up a home aquarium.


How to Maintain a Fish Tank

This page goes into detail with what is involved in caring for your fish. It breaks down what you should do each day, week, and month so you don’t have to guess. It also gives a few pointers on things that you should never do to your home aquarium.


Cycling a Fish Tank

This page describes what cycling a fish tank means and also provides a way to reduce the amount of time your fish tank will be cycling.


How Many Fish Can I Put In My Tank?

This page talks about how to know the right amount of fish you can have in your fish tank, and also provides a useful calculator to help you figure out how many fish you can have in your fish tank.


Acclimating New Fish

This page explains the best way to add new fish to your aquarium to reduce the chance of your fish dying shortly after you add it to your fish tank.