Room Temperature Aquarium (Plants)

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Room Temperature Planted Fish Tank

I’ve already discussed the types of fish and invertebrates you can keep in a room temperature aquarium, but now I am going to talk about the live plants you can keep in the same type of environment. Live plants have major benefits to your aquarium and its inhabitants. Live plants oxygenate the water, remove nitrates, […]

Room Temperature Aquarium (Invertebrates)

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Nice Aquarium

In the last article we gave you a list of amazing fish that can thrive in a room temperature tank. To really make your aquarium interesting, you can add invertebrates. Invertebrates are sometimes an after thought in an aquarium, but more recently people have set up invertebrate specific aquariums after realizing how interesting they can […]

Room Temperature Aquarium (Fish)

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Deciding not to run a heater in the tank does not necessarily limit you to only gold fish or bettas. There are actually many different types of fish you could keep in a cooler water environment. Some pet stores may not know the full variety and may only recommend gold fish or cloud minnows, but […]

How to Set Up a Fish Tank

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Below is a simple guide on how to set up a fish tank Before you begin 1. The first step to setting up any fish tank is, figuring out how much room you have and where you can put the tank. Keep in mind that even a 10 gallon tank can weigh 100 lbs with […]

Maintaining a Fish Tank

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Below is a simple guide on what is involved in maintaining a freshwater fish tank Please note there are some links below to products I use, if you use the link to purchase the product I will earn a small commission at no cost to you. If you do purchase through the links, thank you […]