Overstocked Aquarium

How Many Fish Can I Put In My Tank?

One of the most common questions asked when setting up a fish tank is, “How many fish can I put in my fish tank?”.  Although it seems like a simple question, there really isn’t a simple answer. There is a lot more involved than most people realize when stocking a fish tank. While many people […]

Cycling a fish tank

Cycling a Fish Tank

So, you’ve set up your tank, the filter and heater have been running for a couple of days, now what? Depending on who you ask, you may get completely different answers. Some people say to throw some fish in, others say leave the tank empty for about a month. I’ve lost count of how many […]

Cloudy Fish Tank Water

What Causes A Cloudy Fish Tank

Everyone loves a nice clean fish tank, but sometimes your perfectly clean tank can become a cloudy water mess. In order to return your tank back to its former glory, you first have to understand the causes of a cloudy fish tank. There are three different water colors of cloudy fish tanks and each have […]

Kids Fish Tank

Setting Up A Kids Fish Tank

Most parents have been in a pet store and had their child beg them to get a fish. Having a fish tank can be a great way to teach your children about responsibility and patience. This article will be going into detail on how to best set up a fish tank for a kid. It […]

Rock Wall Fish Tank

Setting Up a Rock Wall Background Fish Tank

The above picture is of a fish tank I designed a rock wall for. Follow the below pictures to see the process I used to build the above set up with a natural rock wall background. The rock wall was built in 2012 and as of November 2015, the wall is still holding in place. […]

Room Temperature Planted Fish Tank

Room Temperature Aquarium (Plants)

I’ve already discussed the types of fish and invertebrates you can keep in a room temperature aquarium, but now I am going to talk about the live plants you can keep in the same type of environment. Live plants have major benefits to your aquarium and its inhabitants. Live plants oxygenate the water, remove nitrates, […]

Nice Aquarium

Room Temperature Aquarium (Invertebrates)

In the last article we gave you a list of amazing fish that can thrive in a room temperature tank. To really make your aquarium interesting, you can add invertebrates. Invertebrates are sometimes an after thought in an aquarium, but more recently people have set up invertebrate specific aquariums after realizing how interesting they can […]


Room Temperature Aquarium (Fish)

Deciding not to run a heater in the tank does not necessarily limit you to only gold fish or bettas. There are actually many different types of fish you could keep in a cooler water environment. Some pet stores may not know the full variety and may only recommend gold fish or cloud minnows, but […]

Mosquito Larvae

How to Culture an Easy, Cheap Nutritious Live Food for Freshwater Fish

Mosquito Larvae are extremely easy to culture from spring to fall, or all year round in warmer climates. It is as easy as getting a bucket and filling it with water. Mosquito larvae is a great food source for fish you want to breed, or fish you just keep as pets. As easy as it […]


Mandarin Fish Pellet Training

Disclosure: A mandarin fish can be difficult to keep and is not considered a beginner fish. Pellet training does not happen overnight, and may never happen with your fish. Also, it should be noted that although many people call them mandarin gobies, they are actually in the dragonet family and not related to gobies. 1. […]